CIS Realty Group, LLC is a boutique real estate services firm that provides brokerage, advisory, and investment consulting services for commercial and residential clients. Its sister company, CIS Communications, had gone thru an extensive rebranding and the leadership team needed its real estate business to have a similar visual identity.


Redesigned logo, new tagline, and partial identity system for a boutique brand


The solution started with the client’s sister brand. The redesigned logo incorporates the same typefaces and a similar mark as CIS Communications. Whereas the sister brand’s accent color is a blue-green, a red-orange was selected (termed real-estate red) as a complement. The new tagline work culminated in two key phrases, “Boutique Services, No Contingencies.” Both phrases communicate the brand’s mission while playing on real estate terminology. Additionally, to satisfy the client’s need for guidance on how to use and apply the new identity, a partial identity system was created.

My roles at a glance

Art direction 60%
Graphic design 30%
Illustration 10%
Concept sketches
Approved preliminary concepts
Original logo
Final full-color logo version
Final full-color reversed logo version
Final one-color dark logo version
Final one-color reversed logo version
Mockup of branded corporate stationary
Mockup of branded real estate site signage

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